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The Lodge

Discover the Napo Cultural Center which offers modern accommodations, first-class services, and direct contact with the Kichwa Community. Try our traditional cuisine and share ancestral rites like the Wayusada Ceremony or the Kichwa Catamaran which emulates our trade routes along the river. This is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

About us

Local immersion in a pristine ecosystem.



Amazon Rainforest

Napo Cultural Center is located within Yasuní National Park, one of the richest places on Earth. We are in the depths of the Amazon jungle on the banks of the Napo River, an area declared as an official UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.


First Class

Jungle Lodge

This environmentally friendly lodge offers the comfort of spacious cabins with a bathroom and private balcony, as well as comfortable common areas that will make your stay in the Amazon jungle a pleasant experience.


180 members

Kichwa Community

The Indigenous Añangu people have been able to improve their own way of life by gaining access to modern healthcare, education, and eco-friendly energy sources, all while continuing to protect their ancestral lands and the precious environment.
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Parrot and Parakeet Clay Licks

the most accesible in the Amazon

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"Wayusada" Ritual

Discover a new culture

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Canopy Towers

a panoramic view out of this world

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Kayak and Canoeing

Adventure and adrenaline

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Wildlife Observation

unbelievable diversity

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Our Programs

Authentic experiences in the heart of the rainforest

3 Days / 2 Nights

Mother Nature’s pulse is visceral here in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Numerous places are known to the local indigenous peoples as being imbued with special energies. The water, and the rich array of life that it supports, holds secrets to be discovered by adventurous spirits.

4 Days / 3 Nights

Our ancestral customs are grounded in environmental stewardship, encompassing the spirituality of living in sustainable harmony with our natural surroundings. From our Indigenous perspective, to live a fulfilling and happy life is “Sumak Kausay”. Come share in our knowledge of the fascinating beauty of Amazonia.

5 Days / 4 Nights

“Sumak Huasi” means “beautiful home” in the Kichwa language. This is the manifestation of our cosmovision, that of living in harmony with our natural environment. Come make authentic connections with both nature and culture.

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  •   It was great to stay at Napo Cultural Center. They offered several excursions which were great to get to now the rain forest. They gave us the feeling that they offer tourism from the heart and not mass tourism. I forgot my wallet (credit card,...More

    thumb Quest797786

      If you are searching for a life time experience, this is the place you are looking for! It’s all in one package. You will experience, - An organized trip (from the airport, to the shuttle, with the boat until the Lodge. I have to say...More

    thumb Sabrina R

      If you are searching for a life time experience, this is the place you are looking for! It’s all in one package. You will experience, - An organized trip (from the airport, to the shuttle, with the boat until the Lodge. I have to say...More

    thumb SabrinaR1137
  •   To get here, one must take a hour or more motorized canoe or boat. It depends on the water level where you will disembark when you arrive. The lodge itself is beautiful and so are all the contents. Every chair has been carved into various...More

    thumb txgrrl68

      Our experience at this lodge was so unique that it's hard to describe. It started with a comfortable boat ride from Coca of over an hour by small boat on the Napo River. The lodge itself has a number of small rustic cabins, each equipped...More

    thumb Elton E

      This place has the worst cancellation policy, be careful if you book it with them directly, my best advice if you want to go there buy it from TripAdvisor or another company cause they won’t give a refund!

    thumb LocoPonce
  •   We had a fantastic time at Napo Cultural Center, the high standards of this operation are impressive given how remote they are in the jungle - reasons to pick this lodge over others: - Access: you're in the middle of the national park with unique...More

    thumb Thomas R

      A group of 6 friends recently spent four days at the Napo Cultural Center. What a wonderful experience!!! Our native guides Tyson and Abel were just as excited to show us the flora and fauna of the Rainforest as we were to see it. And...More

    thumb Donna S