3 native food of the Kichwa Añangu you would enjoy


Native Food The Kichwa Añangu Community has many indigenous goods to offer, a history for those who take on an Amazon Rainforest Travel wishing to learn and see first-hand, how the magic happens. The Kichwas are a native people who doesn’t disappoint, here on their lands is where you can have one of the best Amazonianexperiences in miles.

We bring you today, 3 of their most native food, ones that you will have to have a taste while staying at the Napo Cultural Center.


The chicha is a fermented drink made out of Yucca is most cases.  In the past, grandparents drank chicha while visiting neighbors, taking a couple of bowls and then began to sing and dance. After, they would carry on into the next house and drink there as well, the ones who got drunk would stay behind, and so on the rest continued into the next place. Upon arrival, a person is given a bowl of chicha, and it is considered disrespectful to reject such.


The uchumanga is one of the favorite dishes of the Kichwa Añangu Community; everywhere you go you are told to taste the food, isn’t that so?  Focussing on that, you must know this dish can be made with either smoked fish or meet, it contains white cacao, some pepper, among other local seasoning; this is definitely a plate you ought to try.


The maito is a recipe made with fish; this is placed upon a leaf with salt inside the rumipanka leaf. Maito is served with yucca. Even when gas kitchen are used, the best flavours are obtained with firewood, although if it rains they cook with gas. The young ones prefer to do so outside with firewood, which is where all said the quality of food is best served.

Plan your Amazon Rainforest Travel and don’t forget to ask about their local food, taking a tour around an Amazonian forest wouldn’t be half fun if you didn’t experience the whole splendour of the place. The Napo Cultural Center grants you the opportunity of having real and direct contact with native who had learned and maintained their heritage throughout the years.

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