A different way to travel to the Amazon in Ecuador

Interpretative Center

Are you planning to travel to the Amazon in Ecuador? The Napo Cultural Center offers you a new and different way to experience the jungle. Located in the center of the Kichwa Añangu local indigenous community, in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, you will spend some days interacting with the natives, learning from their customs, traditions and way of life.

There are many activities to do at the Napo Cultural Center for making your travel to the Amazon in Ecuador a lifetime experience! Here in this article we have list for you some of the top activities of the lodge.

Interpretative Center

The Interpretative Center is a place managed by the women of the community where they invite tourists to join them in their dancing and other cultural activities. There you will learn all about the Kichwa Añangu community interesting traditions and customs.

Interpretative Center

Ancestral Kichwa Catamarán

You will navigate down the Napo River at the Ancestral Kichwa Catamarán in a night excursion that aims to be a representation of the Añangu commercial ancestral activities. It is a cultural activity where you will learn much more about the community past traditions.

Ancestral Kichwa Catamarán

Canopy Observation Tower

The Canopy observation tower is a 36 meters platform built next to a huge kapok tree from where you can appreciate the jungle at all its splendor. You will see hundreds of birds flying over the trees, monkeys and the incredible flora of the Yasuní National Park… You better have your camera and binoculars with you!

Canopy observation tower

Parrot Clay Licks

Parrot clay licks are natural banks with a high concentration of minerals where different animals, especially birds congregate to feed with that minerals that help them to eliminate the toxins found in the seeds and fruits they eat. Here you will see hundreds of birds as macaws, parrots and parakeets. It is a real spectacle of colors and nature sounds.

Parrot clay licks

Forest excursions

Forest excursions are a great opportunity for seeing different species of birds, insects, mammals, snakes, monkeys, etc. that are all around the jungle. They usually hide very well so we cannot assure you the animals you will see, but that is what makes it more exciting, you never know what you will find!

Forest excursions

Canoe Riding

These are excursions on a canoe on the rivers, streams and lagoons of the Yasuní National Park. You will relax on the waters of the Amazonia and see birds flying over, giant otters, caimans, turtles, etc., you will not have time to get bored!

Excursions canoe

Do not miss the opportunity to travel to the Amazon in Ecuador and learn about the rich culture of natives that live in this sacred place and its diverse wildlife and flora!

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