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Añangu Project

The Añangu community has spent many years showcasing its natural realm at award-winning Napo Cultural Center. The desire was always to, through tourism, have a means of maintaining the community’s lifestyles and identity as strong as possible.

Tourists at Napo Cultural Center would have a chance of meeting community members and could visit them, but the experience truly centered on creating an environment secluded from the human realm and immersed in the spectacular natural setting that thrives at Yasuní­ National Park. As the need of diversifying visitors’ experiences grew, the community at Añangu developed the idea of creating an opportunity for tourists to stay at the community and share and partake in Amazonian life and culture. Thanks to successful administration on behalf of the community, the Napo Cultural Center project was thus born and built.

Business Policy

We are the Kichwa Añangu Community, located within the Yasuní National Park, which facilitates the experience of visiting one of the most bio diverse ecosystems in the world and its ancestral culture, with world-class services and standards, a model of governance and community leadership whose primary purpose Is to generate opportunities for the sustainable growth of the population, protection of biodiversity and local socio-economic development, using ancestral methods of collaboration at the community level and at the administrative level with permanent coordination to achieve organizational objectives under ethical, professional and esponsible principles.


Generate awareness of the importance of the tropical humid ecosystem and its social environment, to achieve its permanence and sustainable development over time, exceeding the expectations of our guests and collaborators.


To remain as the leading community in tourism and sustainable development of the Latin American region, sharing and exchanging experiences of life and practices of environmental balance..

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