Cruise the Amazon on board the Ancestral Kichwa Catamarán!


If you are looking for travelling to the Amazon jungle and live as a native for a few days, the best place to go to is the Napo Cultural Center!

This hotel is located in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador and it offers tourists great tours around the forest and cultural activities for learning about the local community rich culture.

Here in this article we will detail you one of the top cultural activities to do at the lodge: the Ancestral Kichwa Catamarán.

About the Ancestral Kichwa Catamarán

The Ancestral Kichwa Catamarán is a canoe catamaran built by the Kichwa Añangu community with a capacity for 30 people. The activity on board this catamaran consists on navigating down the Napo River in a night-excursion which aims to represent the ancestral commercial trade practices.

It is a cultural activity in which you will listen to different stories and fables to learn about the community commercial trade practices. You will be transported to the past and enjoy the warm starry night and the wildlife background sounds. It will be really exciting!

Live the jungle as a native!

The Napo Cultural Center is just not another lodge. It is a community-based hotel in which tourist will have the opportunity to learn about the interesting culture of the Kichwa Añangu community people that lives in the jungle. You will experience the jungle as a real native and be part of their every-day activities.

At the lodge there are a lot of activities to do such as forest excursions, birding tours, canoe riding, visits to the Canopy observation tower and parrot clay licks, etc. And in every activity you do you will learn about all the secrets of the Amazonia and cultural facts about the community.

Book your place at our exclusive lodge and have an amazing experience! You will see that everyday will be completely different and you will learn about interesting things about live in the jungle! You won’t regret it, instead you will have the best memory of you live!

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