Join our Amazon Birding Tours at the Napo Cultural Center


Did you know there are more than five hundred bird species in the Amazonia Rainforest in Ecuador? The Yasuni National Park is one of the most diverse ecosystems of the World and for this reason it is the places to go if you are looking for Amazon birding tours.

In the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazonia and in the center of the Kichwa Añangu Community, the Napo Cultural Center offers you great amazon birding tours and a great variety of cultural and wildlife activities for you to have the best experience in the jungle!


Canopy Observation Tower


The Canopy Observation tower is a platform of 120 feet from where you will see wildlife on the top of the trees. The tower was built next to a Kapok tree and it has been internationally certified by quality control organizations, so there is no reason to be afraid of!

There is no other place in the Amazonia with such an incredible view of the forest. From there you can see different bird species, monkeys, snakes, insects, etc. and the different species of plants and flowers.

Parrot Clay Licks


Parrot clay licks are deposits of clay that some bird species and mammals visit to lick the minerals found in the soil. There are clay licks all around the jungle, of different sizes and usually they are found on the perpendicular banks of the Napo and the Tiputini River and within the forest.

Why are these licks so important for these animals? Seeds and fruits they eat contain a high amount of toxins so the clay helps them to detox themselves. Another theory is that the minerals found on these soils are necessary for their daily diet. But, no matter the reason, the true is that visiting the clay lick is a very special activity that attracts visitors from all parts of the World.

Birds you may see


The most symbolic birds of the Amazon are the colorful macaws and the parrots. You will see them all around the jungle and especially on the parrot clay licks where they gather at dawn or late in the afternoon. Other bird species you may see in the jungle includes: toucans, parakeets, hoatzins, hummingbirds, harpy eagles, etc.


Discover by yourself the wide variety of birds you find in the Ecuadorian Amazonia by joining into our Amazon birding tours at the Napo Cultural Center. Do not miss this opportunity!




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