Amazon Jungle Tours: Napo Cultural Center


Can you imagine yourself waking up surrounded by birds singing, slip into our canoes or being in the depths of the Amazon and its lush beauty? Welcome to the Yasuní World.

The Napo Cultural Center is a unique destination with several options, alternatives and activities that combine: excursions through the jungle, canoe riding, night sailing, wildlife, adventure and culture.

Read this information about this luxury ecolodge and join our Amazon jungle tours!

Inside the Napo Cultural Center

There are 16 large and spacious cabins in the Napo Cultural Center. All of them include electricity and running water, a private bathroom and the best part, a private balcony with hammocks for you to rest and have an awesome view of the nearby natural gardens.

Other facilities you can find in the Napo Cultural Center include a library, a dining room, and an open kitchen where you can see how the local and national cuisine is cooked and served.

Outside the Napo Cultural Center

The Napo Cultural Center is located on the south banks of the Napo River, with the community. That’s its major attraction and what difference this hotel from any other because you can live a real cultural experience sharing with children, woman and men of the Kichwa Añangu community, learning about their traditions, customs, way of life, etc.

Also, there are many activities for tourist to do at the Napo Cultural Center included in this Amazon jungle tour:

  • Jungle and canoe excursions where you will have the opportunity to see animals and the Amazonia majestic flora. For these excursions visitors are divided in small groups and guided by a native and a bilingual guide who are of course, jungle experts willing to show you the secrets the Amazon Rainforest hides.
  • Parrot clay licks visits are one of the top activities to do at the Napo Cultural Center. The clay licks are sites with a high concentration of minerals animals lick to neutralize the toxins they ingest from seeds and nuts they feed with. It is incredible when you see all animals, especially birds as macaws, parrots, parakeets, etc., gathered together at these places. The best time to visit them is at dawn or late in the afternoon when they are more active.
  • Visits to the Interpretative Centre is a cultural activity where you can join women of the Añangu community who welcome you with dancing, singing, traditional drinks such as chichi in a place built with the main purpose of being and cultural centre of the community. There you can learn all about the local community ancentral history, customs, traditions, etc.
  • Canopy Observation Tower, a more than 30 meters high tower where you can see birds flying on the tree tops. Views of the Amazon are incredible in this place.

Join our Amazon Jungle tours and live an amazing adventure in this luxury eco-lodge that offers tourists both a cultural and a wildlife experience in the heart of one of the most diverse places of the planet: the Yasuní National Park.

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