Amazon Rainforest Tour: Spirituality of the Kichwa Añangu

The Yachags

Amazon Rainforest Tour: Spirituality of the Kichwa Añangu

The spirit of the jungle is one of the Amazon Rainforest Tour most distinguishing aspects of the Kichwa. Within the Añangu Community there’s the Interpretation Centre where you will learn their ways, not solely their culture and delicious food but also, their religion, spirituality and way of life.

The Yachags

The Yachgs refer to almost magical beings, which are chosen directly by the power of the jungle (Sacha Samai) using plants to contact their spirits who in turn give them the power of healing.

Being a Yachag is a gift that is bestowed upon a chosen few, it also involves discipline and responsibility as it is an important position in the service of the Kichwa society. The physical and spiritual health of the Kichwas depends upon the Yachag and his ancient knowledge.

How the Yachgs are chosen

One the locals tells us, that once there was a Yachga in the community who could control bad energies, but with old age people die however eventually comes new members who have the spiritual power. Sometimes it doesn’t happen, sometimes it does; there are people chosen by the jungle, not everyone can be so. From infancy the jungle choses the Yachgs.

The Añangu’s religion

In the past, the elders had their main believes on the “ceibos”, the big trees at the lagoons and swamps of the Sun, of the rain. Now, they have expanded their religion, and even though some still have their faith as before, others are Catholics or Evangelic.

They don’t deny the spiritual power of the forest, it can protect them. But also, some state that “…we believe that God gave us nature, that nature is God”. Once you find among the local people, you will be able to learn more about their ways and believes.

You can share the ancestral knowledge, customs, legends, dances, music and traditions of the Kichwa, enjoy the unique taste of traditional food and be part of making the wuayusa one of the most important ancient ceremonies performed at dawn. This is definitely one of the stops on an Amazon Rainforest Tour.

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