Amazon Rainforest Travel


Find out about the most used instruments on the Amazon Rainforest

Learning about history can leave you wanting for some fun, which is why we recommend that while on your Amazon Rainforest Travel you take your time and enjoy the local musical instruments, how they are made and how they work. The Kichwas will ensure your time is worthwhile.

The instruments used for playing and dancing are as follow:

The Drum

Like any good drum of the region, is made out animal’s skin and cedar wood. The drum has a different sound on each side, given the saino skin covers one side and on the other the one from an owl monkey or night monkey.

The sound made on the saino skin’s side is the most serious since the skin is ticker. This is really an instrument that many would take a second glance upon when to the natives it’s as old as time tradition.

Shell of a Turtle

The shell of a river turtle or a shell of Charapa. These turtles can be hunted for food, and once they’re done with the meat the shell is used with the purpose of creating music. For it to work properly, one side is covered with a layer of beeswax, which allows the musician’s finger to make no sound when touching the area.

The Pingullo

This native instrument is quite important for the Kichwas. It’s made of the bone of a harpy eagle’s wing but since this kind of eagle is endangered so is the instrument. This type of wing instrument produces such a sound, that can make you tremble or so the Kichwas say. The Pingullo was played primarily by the “Curaca” which would come to be like “the chief of the manor”.

Taking an Amazon Rainforest Travel doesn’t have to be all about the landscapes and outside activities, at least not when you can have fun and entertainment inside with the local people, who would be more than willing to show you their ways. Don’t forget the Napo Cultural Center is managed by the community which immediately gives you access to all the interesting traits.

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