Amazon Rainforest Wildlife Tour


Wildlife in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest is wide-ranging. Actually, the Amazonia is considered one of the most diverse regions in the World. So, if you are planning a travel to the Amazonia this is the best place you can go to.

In this article we present you a list of the top animals you can find in the Ecuadorian jungle on our Amazon Rainforest wildlife tours.



The Anaconda is one of the most notorious and dangerous species of the Amazonia wildlife. Considered the heaviest and largest snakes in the world, they can measure more than 6 meters long and weigh about 250 kg.


Giant Otter

Along with the jaguar, the black caiman, the anaconda and the harpy eagle, giant otters are among the top predator of the Amazonia. With a highly developed social behavior, they usually live in family groups. It is common to see it when canoe riding –one of the top activities included on our Amazon Rainforest wildlife tours— on the Napo river or lagoons.


Golden-mantled tamarin

The Golden-mantled tamarin is one of the 11 species of monkeys that inhabits the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. It is common to see them in groups. The tamarin has a black head with a black collar of hair; the face and muzzle are sometimes white, the neck has a bright golden fur and the under parts are orange.


Black Caiman

Found in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, this particular caiman has a dark grey to black color. It is really scary to look at because of its color and red eyes. It is one of the largest reptiles in the World and you can find it in calm waters, near lake and streams.



The jaguar is considered by indigenous people as a protector of the jungle. It is not so common to see it as it is a silent, stealthy and elusive animal, one of the most mysterious species of the Amazonia. Unfortunately, it is currently included in the red list of endangered species.

Other animals

Other animals you may find in the jungle when walking the forest on our amazon rainforest wildlife tours are: short-eared dogs, pumas and black panthers, armadillos, tapirs, giant anteaters, deers, two-toed sloths, harpy eagles, parrots, macaws, hoatzins, crab-eating raccoons, etc.


Isn’t it impressive? There is a lot to see in the jungle and our native guides will help you with that by taking you to different sides of the jungle where it is common to see dome animal species!

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