Amazon Tour: landscapes and rivers surrounding the Napo Cultural Center

Napo River

Amazon Tour: landscapes and rivers surrounding the Napo Cultural Center

Taking an Amazon Tour and staying at the Napo Cultural Center are the power combination to enjoy the best of nature. The landscapes and escapes to the river, are just some of the aspects to expect from the Amazon Rainforest.

The Napo River is the main one, however, you may as well find interesting the swamps, and the ravines which hold their, whoa factor! All on their own.

The Napo River

The river has white water and it extends for miles around allowing the movement of boats and canoes to transport people and cargo. This dynamic river has more than 1,000 km long and only a part (400 km) is in Ecuador. Some rides offered to the Napo Cultural Center guests take place in this river. These tours are intended to show the difference between black and white bodies of water, demonstrate ecological riparian ecosystems and cultural context conceived on the banks of the Napo. To the south we have the Tiputini River, also white water, which facilitates access to the southern part of the territory. In the future, it is intended to develop sustainable tourism programs in this area.

AƱangucocha Lagoon

This body of water was formed more than 800 to 300 years ago and probably originated from the Napo River due to regional flooding and its gradual migration.

It is a body of not so white water like the Napo; the lagoon is characterized by having a high humic acid content with high concentrations of zinc, aluminum and iron, and a pH which fluctuates between 4 and 5.

In the lagoon you can also practice ecotourism, through the observation of flora and fauna as: Barizo monkey, howler monkey, birds like kingfishers, and plants such as: peach palm, Ungurahua, palm, pambil, chambira; you can also see the landscape, making biological research, among other possibilities.

Taking on an Amazon Tour and jumping into a canon to travel through the Napo River surrounded by nature can be quite the experience, in the river you can different species of mammals like the giant otter, and all around in the jungle you will be able to watch the beautiful landscape that grows freely around the Napo Cultural Center.

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