Amazon Travel: The Añangu Community an inspiration for other communities

Amazon Travel

Amazon Travel: The Añangu Community an inspiration for other communities

The Kichwa Añangu Community has become one of the most inspirational communities around the world. Many that come to the Napo Cultural Center or the Napo Wildlife Center on an Amazon Travel had discovered the various wondrous hidden away in the depths of the Amazon Rainforest.

The Napo Cultural Center offers it guests the best accommodations, the tourists staying at the Ecolodge will get to visit the Interpretation Centre where they will learn about the local culture and the legends, also they will be able to take to their home art-crafts made by the women and men of the community.

Significant characteristics

  • Increased participation of women in decision-making within the Community. Men and women working in the hotels and are partners and members of the community.
  • A family organization is in motion, so they can decide if they will have children, how many and when.
  •  Many people who had planned to migrate have remained or have returned to the community, and this has generated employment opportunities and a good quality of life. 100% of the community is still there, a small group has gone to other cities only for learning opportunities.
  • College students have a scholarship monthly during the academic months.
  • The community gives a bonus to adults seniors living in it who can no longer work.
  • Classes are conducted for other communities which want to start similar projects in sustainable tourism, not only in Ecuador but also in other countries.
  • Based on their work in tourism, the community has developed a great awareness on how to take care the environment and nature protection by avoiding hunting and fishing.
  • They have created a supportive housing the Sacha Kuirak (care forest). Is a community bank that allows members to save money and take loans. It tracks the community members so they can make better management of their money and finance small sustainable projects.

To contact with the Kichwa Añangu Community and learn more about how they had successfully accomplished to unite as a whole, you can visit the Ecolodge in an Amazon Travel or contact with us through this site.

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