Amazon Wildlife Trip at Napo Cultural Center


Tips for your trip to the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador

Are you planning to travel to the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador? We can help you with that! The Napo Cultural Center is the best option for exploring the jungle and learning about the native customs and traditions with the Kichwa Añangu Community.

In this article we detail you some tips for your trip to the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, so you are well prepared for the adventure!

  • Tip #1: stay in a hotel in the Amazon rainforest. This is the best way to travel to the jungle as you can stay in a comfortable place and at the same time be part of incredible tours around the forests and surroundings.

Read this article to get information about the Napo Cultural Center to book your place at this ecohotel.

  • Tip #2: fitness and mobility. If you are planning a trip to the Amazon rainforest you will need to be able to walk long distances and climbing stairs, going on and off boats, etc. In case you do not do exercise regularly, we recommend you to go on at least 10-15 minutes’ walk every day for a week before your travel.
  • Tip #3: vaccination. 10 days before your travel you should get the following vaccines: hepatitus A, hepatitus B, fellow fever and typhoid fever. Do not forget to bring your vaccination certifications as you can be asked to show them at the local Airports.
  • Tip #4: Health. Before your travel you should contact your family doctor or a local travel hospital for a health-date one month before departure. If you have any particular health need or especial diet requirements you should tell it to the hotel staff.
  • Tip #5: packing. Some basics things you will need for your travel are: passport and identity card, your suitcase or backpack, cash, batteries, sunscreen, plastic bottles, a flashlight, repellents and analgesics. As for clothing we suggest: easy to dry pants, cotton shirts and some long sleeves shirts, shorts, a sweater or jacket, socks, comfortable walking shoes, hat or a cap, sunglasses, sandals for hotel use, etc.RainforestAST TIP: enjoy every minute of your trip to the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador, learn a lot about the local community rich culture. And…do not forget to bring your cameras and binoculars with you! There is a lot to see on the wildlife tours in the jungle and great moments to capture!

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