Amazon Wildlife Trip at Napo Cultural Center


If you are looking for an Amazon Wildlife trip, there is no better place to stay than the Napo Cultural Center. Located in one of the most diverse places of the World, the Yasuní National Park, this ecolodge is fully equipped with spacious cabins and first class services such as excellent food, guided excursions and interaction with the local community.

Here in this article we will detail for you the top activities the lodge has for having a great wildlife trip experience.


Jungle excursions

There is a lot to visit in the jungle and every place you go to you will have the possibility to see different species of animals. Even though guides cannot guarantee what animals you will see –since it is not a zoo—there is an incredible variety of animals in the Amazonia: monkeys, anacondas, pumas, jaguars, armadillos, deer, insects, frogs, birds, etc. They hide very well but our expert guides are always at the “hunt” of any rare species to show you. So prepare you cameras!

Canoe riding

Canoe riding is a very exciting activity where you will have the opportunity to navigate down the Napo River, streams and the Añangu Lagoon and appreciate the nature and some animals such as turtles, fish, giant otters, caimans, etc. The wildlife in the waters of the Amazonia are as diverse as the one you can find in the forest.



There are more than five hundred species of birds in the Ecuador Amazon Rainforest some if you are a amateur or professional birdwatcher this is the best place to be in since you can see birds everywhere.But, there are two special places for birdwatching: the Canopy Observation Tower and the Parrot Clay Licks.

The Canopy observation tower is a platform of 36 meters high where you can see hundred of birds flying over the trees and other animals such as monkeys on the distance. Here you can have the best view of the Amazon jungle.

Then, the parrot clay licks are mineral deposits where different animals –especially parrots, macaws and parakeets— gather to feed with these minerals that help them to eliminate the toxins they digest from seeds, fruits, etc.


There is a lot to see in the jungle, especially in this side of the World. The Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador is one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. So, if you are looking for an Amazon Wildlife trip book your place at the Napo Cultural Center and have a great experience!


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