Ancestral wisdom: looking for an answer

Ancestral language that creates reality

In our journey through time towards old age, towards the transcendence of our body, the times and the ways in which questions about others or about ourselves from where we are going are varied. No matter when, if it has arrived or if it will arrive, the sure thing is that at some moment of each human the existential reflection arrives. Where we are going with our life, with our relationships, with our way of functioning in society. To be able to answer that, the wise ones indicate, it is fundamental to understand where we come from, what our beginnings are, where the energy of the past is going, which will move the events of the present.

Ancestral language that creates reality

And we are children of the earth, our brothers and fathers are the trees, rivers and seas, whether we accept it or not, we come from nature, from its multiple interactions and relationships. It has become so easy for us during the last centuries to move away from realities as basic, as tangible, as necessary as our interrelation with nature itself, the state of mutual, direct dependence, just as we have moved away from our own ancestors and mother cultures. , eaten by the rush of a market economy that has done the impossible to situate itself in every aspect of our life, interceding between the source of provisions and us with its ends and senses that feel cold in intimacy when we speak with our hearts.

Today we talk about development, growth, strong and weak economies, developed countries and other less fortunate, social classes, the latest iPhone, but all that; what is the end if our planet is getting sick? Have we lost the north, the direction of life? Has there ever been an address? For this our grandparents and older brothers, from the ancestral communities have many answers, from different perspectives, many visions that are not the same answer, nor the same terms, if they point to the same thing: To the coexistence, to the life that lasts.

Ancestral communities or cultures are found in the basement of all places on the planet. Each one of them belongs to its own territory, where, from the beginning, free humans lived, our grandparents. Free of structured thoughts, doctrines, foreign religions, which allowed them to develop fully in their existence, where they all came to their own answers, which are still there today, under the veil, giving us their silent advice. Their cultures are as varied as the areas of the planet are in their languages, in their kitchens, in their materials, in their rituals, but what they do have in common, especially in the Jungle, is their understanding and respect for Nature as the basic source of wisdom and ordering.

Philosophy of their ancestral medicine

Ancestral cultures read nature, listen to nature, talk to nature. All their knowledge comes from it, shaping their minds, their bodies and their societies to be in function and harmony with the forests, with the mountains, with the jungles that have allowed them to inhabit them. A relationship of true love, respect and mutual care, opens the doors to understanding, towards life in balance and the possibility of living from abundance instead of living in constant scarcity.

Living “coexisting” becomes the end in itself, the progress is towards harmony, permanence, the care of beings, the general welfare and not only of a few individuals. His example echoes the global problems of today and gives us clues to evaluate our behavior: the commitment we have to our way of living, the meaning of our lives.

The rhythm of nature is different from that of cement. People go with peace, go with tranquility, listen, give time. Living naturally requires working collaboratively, getting to know your neighbors, getting to know your community. Small characteristics that in our cities, before the speed, we do not question, but that without a doubt they infer in our relations that every time they are more worn out, more exposed, more inhuman.

The series of dead ends that pushes our “civilized” life, the roads imposed by other people’s ideas, measures of material success, playing the accumulation that dominates us, stresses us, rules that favor to some who open bigger and bigger the gaps that separate us in our wounded society from its primordial source. And even worse, our development is encompassing everything, destroying the threads of life that nature has formed for millions and millions of years, disarticulating the Mothers cultures, hiding all their knowledge, all their ancestral wisdom that has the answers to the empty spaces that have remained in us after this blind walk.

It is time that we are aware of our actions and that we are concerned to find answers, to find the paths. That is why at Napo Cultural Center we encourage people to enter the center of ancestral culture and learn about the AƱangu culture, one of the ancestral roots of our humanity, interned in the thickest tropical forest in the world. The door is open to know about their customs, their worldview and their way of facing life, to learn to listen and interpret nature from the knowledge of the earth.

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