Behind the Amazon Rainforest Wildlife: Yasuni Camera Trap Project


Behind the Amazon Rainforest Wildlife: Yasuni Camera Trap Project

You can spend hours in the jungle without seeing a single animal but that does not mean they are not there. It means that they hide very well. But, for scientist and researchers it is essential to being able to monitor the Amazon Rainforest Wildlife.

The Yasuni Camera Trap Project is a program that started some years ago that have made possible the study of the wide variety of species found in the Park and its conservation.

Do you want to know more? Here below we tell you more about this amazing project! 

Yasuni Camera Trap Project

The Cameras Trap Project started in late 2004 with a number of cameras put in some remote areas of the jungle and clay licks. These cameras are activated by heat and motion sensors.

The main idea and goal of this program was to know what animals lived in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, its occurrence, distribution patterns and the amount of mammals and birds that were at that area and how those patterns change over time comparing to past and then to future, before human activities increase in the region.

Also it was really important to document the importance if mineral areas as resources for different species such as tapirs and deers. The licks are vital resources for certain species and giving the fact that these areas are common places for some indigenous and hunters, documenting its importance can facilitate efforts to preserve them.

The Results: abundant wildlife in Yasuní

Some of the animals captured by the camera traps were:

  • The amazingly rare short-eared dog.
  • Black panther.
  • Giant Armadillo.
  • Tapirs.
  • giant anteaters.
  • Red broket deers
  • Ocelots.
  • Lowland pacas.
  • Bicolored porcupines.
  • Two-toed sloths.
  • Crab-eating raccoons.
  • Etc.

The results of this project have confirmed the importance of protecting the Yasuní National Park. Until today, there are more than 45,000 images of wildlife species that confirms that wildlife remains abundant in this region. Rare and elusive animals like the dog-eared, jaguarondis and giant armadillos have been photographed with cameras.

Isn’t it just incredible?? And the best thing is that you can visit the jungle and see the variety of species this land is home of. You can contact us and book your place at the Napo Cultural Center and live an Amazon Rainforest Wildlife adventure doing canoe and forest an excursion, visiting the clay licks and learning customs and traditions from the local community.

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