Characteristics of Interpretation Centres of the Añangu


Characteristics of Interpretation Centres of the Añangu

The Interpretation Centres are open to all who make it all the way to the Yasuní Park on an Amazon Travel or Tour, the Añangu Kichwa community took upon themselves the job of gathering the information regarding the lifestyle of their ancestors before gasoline and gunpowder can to existence.

Here on you will be able to read, how they communicate their findings and some of the most charismatic data, they managed to obtain from their grandparents memories along with the ones that adults have on the lives of the first Kichwas inhabitants of the banks of the Napo River.

The Mamakuna

The compiled collection of information is delivered by the Mamakuna, which are the mothers and women from the community, they gather at the Centre or Kury Muyo to perform. The Interpretation Centre is visited by tourists from around the world, who are looking for new and exciting stories. Historians and researchers will have their plate full with the tantalizing anecdotes and tells the Mamakuna can share with them.

The Maloca

Maloca is an indigenous house made purely out materials coming from the forest; it has a circular shape with a ceiling fashioned on toquilla leaf. Once on the house you will be able to see the mocahuas, which are clay pots made by women, they come in different shapes and sizes according to their content. Also you will find the Tinajas these are like jars or large pots of almost a meter tall.

Natural Phone

A fascinating item you will learn on the Kury Muyo is how they used their first phone, a natural one. Theses phones made out of the shell of a snail, were the means of communication of the Kichwa ancestors; they communicated through the sound of coming out of the shell when they blew. This sound covered large distances, several kilometres. Each house had a snail shell to communicate and each sound represented a different situation.

Just like in any good Amazon Travel, you can’t miss out on this kind of international amenities, on the Napo Cultural Center you will find some of the local arts to give you enough encouragement to seek out the native people and learn what else they hide.

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