The Yasuní­ experience is a life-changing opportunity to be one with nature. Long walks amidst a cornucopia of medicinal plants, lifetime inspiration of local shaman and home to innumerable species of creatures big and small can be coupled with a relaxing dip in the pristine waters of lakes and rivers, meditation on sacred grounds or climbing up a gigantic emerging tree 100 years of age.

Visiting Napo Cultural Center is an opportunity to engage in a most-extreme cultural exchange program, with a unique society a world apart from any contemporary lifestyle, but who’s worldview is universal and will always be a meeting point between all opposing realities.

Visit the forest with a community guide, engage in yucca harvest or discover the artistry and wordview of a fascinating people.


Something that truly strikes people visiting the Añangu community in their Yasuí home is sharing with local community guides the fabulous natural assets of the area. Always willing to be as thorough or open as visitor’s wish, Añangu guides are experts of their forests and the wildlife that lives in it. They know where the owls are sleeping, where the monkeys are nesting, where the caiman are hiding, where the eagles are roosting. Everything in the rainforest is unexpected. You never know what you will see and how exploration in Yasuní­ will play out, but you can always count on the community guides’ understanding of the very unique world you’ve stepped into.

One along the Napo River and a second one inside forest, at the saladeros several amazon, parrot, parakeet and parrotlet species come in number to ‘detox’, with an occasional macaw or two. There have been wonderful sightings of tapirs, ocelots, owls and others right in front, as you stand behind a manmade blind, comfortably enjoying the activity.