Discover our luxury facilities in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest


Our ecological hotel offers wide cabins with private bathroom and balcony, to enjoy an authentic Amazonian experience, plus the comfort of a first class lodge. We have standard rooms and mini-suites for all types of groups. The facilities of a “city hotel” fused with traditional Kichwa architecture and its natural surroundings, make Napo Cultural Center an ideal place for those seeking wild destinations but in a relaxed, comfortable and safe environment.

Located in the heart of the Yasuní National Park, Napo Cultural Center is located as a hidden paradise in the middle of the Ecuadorian jungle, full of adventures for lovers of culture and nature. For those who seek to escape from the mundane rhythm, the strict routine of the city and the modern world, our eco-lodge offers the ideal alternative to reconnect with wildlife and get to know a new natural world.


At Napo Cultural Center everything, from the facilities to the service, is based on the details. We care that each corner, each preparation, is conceived with the greatest dedication. For this reason, something as simple as relaxing in a hammock can be profoundly significant, since neither the sight nor the comfort of it will be the result of chance…

A 30-minute flight through the Andes mountains range in the direction towards the city of Coca, becomes the perfect first impression for the scenery and comfort to come. Upon reaching the mainland, the tour continues for around a two-hour motor powered boat trip on the Napo River, until arriving at our cozy facilities: a home away from home. This transfer offers one of the first postcards to enjoy the biodiversity of the environment.

The Yasuní National Park, named a biosphere reserve by Unesco, is known as the perfect place for a break, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. The sounds of the forest and the fauna that surrounds the cabins, adhere to the visitors an environment of privileged sensations, in the midst of what seems like a true natural orchestra. The echo of the animals, the rivers, the wind and the leaves of the trees are transformed into the soundtrack of the whole route, which is possible to enjoy perfectly from the inside of the cabins.

This protected area hosts a third of all Amazonian mammals, including 60% of all New World wild cats, 106 reptiles and 610 bird species, as well as more than 4000 plant species, making it the most biodiverse ecosystem on the planet, inside one million hectares of land.

The tourist complex has 16 ecological cabins for up to 3 guests, all with a privileged view of the forest and equipped with electricity, great ventilation, a hammock and surrounded by beautiful gardens. Ideal for couples, families and groups of friends.

The tourists that visit us, mostly with adventurers of different ages, prefer Napo Cultural Center not only for our facilities, but also for our eco-sustainable practices. Ecotourism is a great activity to enhance local development, improve the quality of life of surrounding communities, preserve their traditions and, fundamentally, help preserving nature. Because of the visitors at our lodge, we contribute especially to local projects and to the conservation of 21,400 hectares of tropical forest, where the community lives.


From our organic gardens we harvest fruits and vegetables carefully grown by our team, so that, with other specially selected ingredients, we create the preparations and culinary wonders that await you after each expedition in the rainforest. Our restaurant and bar gives you the best of gastronomy -traditional and author- to maintain Kichwa Anangu preparations through the years.

At the end of the day, we invite you to laugh and talk with your group about the stories lived during the day and, of course, to enjoy the delicious drinks, cocktails and snacks, with typical local ingredients that Napo Cultural Center offers in your restaurant and bar.

Finally, our programs and touristic itineraries gives you the best activities that as an institution we try to maintain and promote. At Napo Cultural Center we create panoramas for the different tastes and needs of our guests, starting with the basic package of 3 days / 2 nights, with which it is possible to know the night fauna in the walks through the jungle or in the trails near the lodge, in addition to making encounters with the Kichwa community.

We advise you to bring along a good binoculars, a good-quality photo or video camera and comfortable clothes, so that you can have the best time at your visit at Napo Cultural Center.

We are waiting for you to enjoy our comfortable and spacious facilities, that only the best hotel in Ecuador can offer! Make your reservation for Napo Cultural Center or request more information here.

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