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Mama puma

The Yasuní National Park, territory in which Napo Cultural Center is located, houses a world of biodiversity and one of the largest natural treasures on the planet. Declared a “biosphere reserve” by Unesco, this natural habitat, heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon, hosts a third of all Amazonian mammals, including an astonishing 60% of all wild cats of the new world, 106 types of reptiles and 610 bird species, as well as more than 4.000 species of plants.

Yasuní, which means “sacred land“, has one million hectares which, for every square meter, concentrate more species of organisms than in the entire European continent.

Here it is possible to see wildlife in all its splendor through the different activities that our itinerary includes to our guests, in order to appreciate the native flora and fauna in their natural context.

Through the various activities that Napo Cultural Center offers, it is possible to discover the magical landscapes of the Amazon rainforest and the life that lies on the banks of the Napo River. Programs such as hiking or kayaking, offer the opportunity to meet closely with the diversity of species that inhabit there, as well as experience their places. Walks are also offered to observe animals and vegetation and interact non-invasively with them. For the more lively, there is the possibility of organizing long walks for those who spend more time in animal company.

Napo Cultural Center also has two observation towers that allow you to appreciate the landscape from the heights, offering a unique view of the Amazon from 40 meters high. In this tower, it is possible to appreciate a panoramic view of the forest, inhabited by some 610 different bird species, native to the Yasuní National Park.

The waters of the Napo River, on the other hand, offer another spectacular experience. Here it is possible to contemplate the life that hides in the nearby streams: giant river otters, caimans and monkeys, are part of the panorama that can be expected by those who dare to navigate the rivers in search of endemic life.


For those who prefer to see the landscape from afar, the Yasuní represents the best place imaginable to observe the various beings that haunt the reserve: frogs, reptiles, monkeys, bats, birds and various types of insects, are the ideal setting for photographers and lovers of nature, who come to the corners of the Amazon to marvel at the offerings that nature extends to those who know how to observe.

A completely different perspective offers the nocturnal walks through the jungle, in which the spectrum of creatures changes to let shine its most exotic side. The night invites you to sharpen your eyes and pay attention to the strange wildlife that inhabits the jungle in the dark. Undoubtedly, an experience that few have had the luck to enjoy.

Bird lovers also have a special place in the activities of Napo Cultural Center. The scheduled visits to the most incredible saladeros of parrots and macaws stand out as one of the undisputed favorites, thanks to the spectacle of colors and sounds they offer, without counting the incredible environment in which they find themselves immersed. Acceding through a path, real bird walls rise up: meet face to face with up to 11 species of parrots, guacamaya and macaws; and even mammals, such as howler monkeys, tapirs and peccaries that come to this place to drink water and obtain minerals vital to their bodies. Undoubtedly, one of the most amazing shows that the Amazon has to offer.

Napo Cultural Center has different tours where you can choose to venture into the jungle and know the benefits of its biodiversity. All are based on the premise “sumak kausay“, an ancient teaching of indigenous people that seeks to maintain a balance with the environment as we live with it and appreciate it. A deep concept to live in harmony with ourselves and the ecosystem. We have tours between 3 to 5 days to know its flora and fauna, but above all, its people.

Our tours seek to link not only the ritual, but the cosmic vision that the Kichwa Anangu community provides, as part of a comprehensive experience for our visitors. The community teaches us from first source about their crafts, their gastronomy, music, beliefs and medicines, as they share stories and legends of their ancestors and life in the jungle. You just need the desire to visit Napo Cultural Center!

An important fact to note are the benefits included in the travel package offered. This includes, in addition to accommodation and internal transfers by motor boat or paddle canoe: all soft foods and drinks -except alcoholic beverages and tips-, the entrance to the Yasuní National Park and the parrot salons and a tour guide, In addition to all activities and excursions according to itinerary.

Find out about all the details of our programs and activities here!

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