Find out about the history surrounding the name Yasuní

Find out about the history surrounding the name Yasuní

When you start planning for an Amazon Rainforest Tour, you begin to wonder what kind of history lies behind the rather distinctive name. This national park hosted between the Napo and Curray rivers, has far more species a hectare than the European continent.

The next paragraphs play host to a small part of history about the Kichwa Añangu Community.

Sacred Land

As many had come to know, Yasuní stands for “sacred land” which signifies the abundance of life on Earth. Around the world, exist many places that are considered as sacred, the indigenous had taken upon themselves the protection of these sites; they serve on more occasions than none to ceremonies and prayers.

The Yasuní is often described as a miracle of the world, one that many consider will never be entirely discovered, especially when you can walk for hours to end and still find a new species whether that be of an animal or a plant, everywhere you look, that’s how the diversity of the ecosystem, manages to inspire that protective instinct to burst from the men and women living on this amazon rainforest.

Biodiverse Ecosystem

Once you start an Amazon Rainforest Tour or intent to travel to it, you do it knowingly of the diversity you will find it. The Amazon Rainforest expands throughout 9 nations, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador, no matter where you go in the Amazon you will find wildlife, that’s the beauty of it, whichever way you look you can find, at least on the Yasuní Park:

  • Wild Cats.
  • Reptiles.
  • +610 species of bird.

Those interested on botanic, or simply enjoy wildlife, flowers and exotic plants, will find that and more when you visit the Napo Cultural Center. Tourists can climb to an observation tower over 35 meters up just so you can experience life on the canopy of trees.

If you have decided to take a tour to our land, you will find that the Napo Cultural Center offers comfortable cabins for all; researchers can count on the power running directly to their rooms without delay, so they may continue their work. We care for our clients as well as for our natural surroundings, respecting wildlife as it ought to be.

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