Find out about the origins of the Añangu

Find out about the origins of the Añangu

The Añangu begun to form their community back in the 80’s, after years of constant changes they managed to establish themselves and once they had domain over the land, they built the Napo Cultural Center.

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Origin of the Community

The Añangu comes from “Ant” in their language the quichua, they took on the name in honour to the way of lives of ants, the collaboration, and how you found in unified work. In chronological order, we can show you their life:

  • 30 years ago from the Napo came several families. They created the “Sacha Pacha” association, who established on the Puka Peña.
  • Not long after 1982, the Sacha Pacha moves on into the Amarun Yacu ravine, since the Puka Peña didn’t have a promising way of life with all the marshy ground.
  • At the ravine only 6 families stayed, they were the founders of the Kichwa. In 1986 the community decided to change its name to Kichwa Añangu Center.
  • It 2004, the name changes once more to Kichwa Añangu Center, so they can have the legal status which would allow them to run the NWC.
  • During 2006 and 2007 there were legal issues, which threaten to remove the natives from their rightful status. In June 2007, they Añangu forged ahead and now the lodge is 100% under their jurisdiction.
  • Around the banks of the Napo River, now stands the Yasuní Kichwa Ecolodge, the community has ownership of both the NWC and the YKE.

Once on the Ecolodge, you will be able to learn the Añangu ways. They have the Interpretation Centre where you can be part of remarkable experience, learn their culture, religion, music, local stories, among other incredible activities.

The Yasuní Natural Park has one of the most diverse wildlife in the world.   Don’t forget to mark in your Amazon Tour itinerary, the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador.

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