For your family experiences beyond travelling

For your family

The date is approaching where everyone are more thoughtful and you have been deciding on what to propose to share with your neighbors, but you still can not find the plan that makes you decide. We know that you want only the best for them and that you are interested in maintaining ties with your neighbors, but work, studies, personal agendas, do not do anything easy, less personal tastes.

A trip, by itself will always be an activity very well received by the family, but if you are looking to take advantage of the instance as an instance of growth for your family then not only knowing a territory is what you are looking for, but also knowing it from its inhabitants. We invite you to read the following text about the experience beyond traveling that can be obtained by knowing the native ancestors of the territory where you travel.

Making a trip is one of the most fulfilling experiences one can have, and a trip is not going to be more enriching than knowing a place through its own premises. The territories and their cultures have developed, reciprocally together, for thousands and thousands of years, making each piece of land, each tree, an extension of the human that inhabits it, and vice versa. The ancestors, the original cultures coexist with the territory, with nature and make symbiosis with it, for all its customs and its way of life. What better than knowing a place from the mouths and hands of the same men and women who inhabit it?

Our ancestors are those who can tell you and your family, first source, about the core “why” of things in their territories; where those traditions and behaviors come from, what are the inspirations for those figures or because that dish has that name. What better to be guided by the same earth when entering its horizons?

More than a trip, visiting the ancestral cultures is an experience of rich learning, where the information that we are accustomed to read or observe in books or screens, now takes life and stands in front of us. Connecting with those knowledge is something beyond the mind, the words or the information, but it has to do with the experience itself, with feeling and finding from the recondite pieces of our memory that which comes in us, that It is part of us. Our ancestors keep the torch.


However, in the face of the rapid changes that our planet has undergone in recent years, the earth and its mother cultures have been threatened by the globalized society that has pushed to enter almost every corner of the planet, imposing its conditions and demanding resources for your needs that seem to have no end. This context has threatened the lives of many territories and the cultures that live in them.

Being one of the places that received the most recent and violent invasion by external conquerors, Latin America is still a great destination to learn a little about our ancestors and the original cultures. From the Mayas in Guatemala to the Mapuches in Patagonia, there is a large number of ancestral cultures that seek to be recognized and not lost in time. Can you imagine the ancestral cultures that have inhabited the majestic Amazon rainforest for thousands and thousands of years?

The good news is that there are still many places that are still guarded by their original inhabitants, keeping their flags and their customs up. Even many of them still defending the land from the threat and destruction caused by foreigners. But thanks to the customs of our modern societies, many of those communities have closed their doors to the visits of foreigners, for some precaution, others for traumas.

It is an unfortunate fact, by many sides, but above all by the information and all the knowledge that is lost with it. However, there are communities that have understood that not all Westerners are guilty and that there is a virtuous fact in our interaction with them, in not allowing them to lose those knowledge and increase awareness of our mother earth and its territories.

One of those communities decided consciously to open its doors for visitors, in order to be able to transmit their knowledge and help with tourism to generate awareness and protect their environments. At Napo Cultural Center we are happy to tell you that we have everything to welcome you and your family, together with the Kichwa Anangu community, who have inhabited this territory for more than 500 years. The most interesting thing is that this community is in the middle of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. Guarded by kilometers and kilometers of dense jungle, they hide one of their most interesting cultures open to share with you and your family.

 Finally, we hope this note pledges your motivation to use the opportunity to share and grow with your family knowing the ancestral roots of our humanity. Wherever you go, there will be some mother culture, worry about researching and knowing which ones are open today and willing to receive visitors. Organize yourself with your family to live your next great experience of growth.

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