Guide for a Perfect Amazon Rainforest Travel

Amazon Rainforest

Guide for a Perfect Amazon Rainforest Travel

You have probably heard about the Amazon Rainforest before but until you are not there you will never imagine how beautiful this place is! However, to have a perfect  Amazon Rainforest travel you have to plan it very well.

For this, we have prepared a complete guide for making your travel to the jungle a perfect trip!

Where to stay?

In the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador there are many lodges where you can stay. However we recommend you to look for luxury ecolodges built and run by natives of the Amazon as they are very comfortable and you will contribute with the local projects and their sustainability.

The Napo Cultural Center, for example, is a hotel, built and designed by the Kichwa Añangu community and it is located in the center of the community itself. There you will have the opportunity to experience the every-day live of the members of the community and at the same time join a variety of tours around the forest, rivers and streams.

Where to stay

When to go?

Climate in the Amazon is considered warm-humid so most days in the jungle are either sunny or rainy and it does not vary so much from month to month. This means that any time of the year is a perfect time to travel the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador.


What to do?

There is a lot to do in the jungle: from birding tours to forest excursions, canoe riding, visits to parrot clay licks, the Canopy observation tower, etc.

Also, at the Napo Cultural Center there are some cultural activities to du such as visiting the Interpretative Centre and cruise the Amazon on board the Ancestral Kichwa Ecolodge.

Read this article to get more info about the activities at the lodge.


What to eat?

Most restaurants in the Amazon offers international food, however if you are travelling to the Amazon don’t you think it will be exciting to try some local and traditional food? At the Napo Cultural Center you can try some local food many by the community, we recommend you to try the local drink, chicha and some plate such as the maito and the uchumanga.

Read this article to get info about the Amazonia local food.

What to eat

What to bring?

Some things you may need in your Amazon rainforest trio include: good binoculars and a camera; lightweight long pants, long-sleeved shirts, raingear, cotton socks, a pair of sneakers or hiking boots, a hat or a cap; repellent, sunglasses, cash, flashlight, etc.

What to bring

Contact us in case you need to get more information about your travel. Book your place and get started planning your travel to the Amazonia in Ecuador! You will love it!

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