How the Añangu land is divided…


How the Añangu land is divided…

Due to the amount of treats to the Amazon forest, the deforestation and the oil production, gave way to a proposal to protect the land and the rainforest. The Amazon Tour takes you through a different world you will glance into the past.

In order to protect what was dear to them, it was necessary to isolate some parts of the territory so they could be sheltered from man and their wayward ways.

The Añangu Community land is divided in 4 sections, which are as follow:

  1. The main land is for tourist desk operation, which has a 25% of high care.
  2. A 2nd section is for the, intensive use 15%, where hunting is allowed but the community decided not to so. Even in this space the collection of material is allowed, for example: fallen trees.
  3. The third area is considered of maximum protection, 35% did not allow any alteration.
  4. 10% of it is for research, here’s the research station part of the land. Where you’re permitted to study the many wonders spurted around.

Even if some have second thoughts when it comes to making an Amazon Tour,we can mainly say these lands are protected by their people, because they understand it and know since infancy how to take of it.

The Napo Cultural Center along with Napo Wildlife Center, are Ecological Hotels meant to have tourists like you with the best accommodations that gentle folks like the Kichwa Añangu can offer. Where else would you find such attractive rooms with the opportunity of meeting an ancient community?

Plan wisely your trip to the Amazon Rainforest, don’t hold back when it comes to asking questions, experience first-hand the many surprises that only wildlife, fauna and flora is capable of offering. Search the site, ask about the ideal time of year to travel, and don’t forget to take your time to build an itinerary, one that will permit you have the ultimate understanding of the Amazon.

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