How the community manages the incomes…


Since the Napo Cultural Center is run by the community itself, all their incomes go back into the community. An Amazon Travel will grant you the opportunity of knowing how it all works besides from experiencing the wildlife around the Ecolodge.

The Kichwa Añangu had  made good use of the resources bestowed to them, through the Napo Cultural Center they had been able to construct a couple of spaces for their community, helpful buildings for their community, such as:

Education Centre

With the tourism incomes from the Napo Cultural Center the Añangu Community was able to build the Vicente Mamallacta Education Centre, this building is for all ages and it’s a bilingual centre. The Mamallacta was one of the first families to establish in the community in the 80’s; they, along with 6 other families gave live to the establishments you can visit nowadays.

The Biodigester

A biodigester refers to an airtight container, which allows decomposition of organic matter under conditions anaerobic and facilitates removal of the resulting gas to use as energy.

The Biodigester Project will function on the organic waste from the kitchens of the NWC and the Napo Cultural Center, as well as the one at the communal dining hall. The biogas created from it, will serve to fuel the kitchens.

Solar Panels

The Añangu has managed to capture daylight so it can work as a form of energy, which helps maintain the different activities they do daily. With help of the solar modules, these are photovoltaic panels formed by numerous cells that convert light into electricity. These cells depend on the photovoltaic effect by which light energy produces positive charges and negative in two neighbouring different semiconductors, which produces an electric field capable of generating a stream.

The Añangu Community uses recycling cycles in every way, the Ecolodge is the main prove of it. The whole building along with the furniture are made out of recycled materials.

The Yasuní Natural Park is definitely one of the South-America aspects that you can enjoy while on a tour. Many had found an Amazon Travel as one of the most extraordinary experiences to have in a lifetime, no matter where you go after or before the Amazon Rainforest is one of the stops you should do during your travels. The wildlife alone attracts many tourists a year. Navigate our site, and contact us for more information.

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