How the Kichwa Añangu dress and live…

Kichwa warmi

The native clothing of the Kichwa was made with local materials, as many of the instruments and utensils used by them. When you find on an Amazon Tour this is a common trait you will find no matter where you might go. The same go for the houses, made out the natural materials.

In order to get to know them better with help from the Yasuní Ecolodge you can begin to understand how they live and dress. The Añangu Community takes upon themselves to find their own resources whether be for building houses or making cloths.

Kichwas’s Clothing

Women were covered with skirts made of lachama, while man were long trousers made out deerskin, they forgo shoes. At the present time, the Kichwas were cloths resembling the old ones; they came to an agreement among the community and started to use them. All Kichwas do it, even for school.

At the Kury Muyo or Interpretation Centres they also wear it, as well at parties and meetings.

Kichwas’s Clothing

Kichwas’s Houses

The traditional houses of the Kichwa from the Napo River have a square frame and floor. They have pillars up to 2 meters high to protect against snakes. The roofs are knitted with different kind of fabrics like palm leaves or royal palm. On the inside the roofs go up to 4 or 5 meters about the ground while outside they fall down into 1 meter. The houses of the Kichwas are to be admired; can you imagine making your own little piece of heaven on earth?

While the Añangu Community may differ on design of their homes or material, it comes down to whether you enjoy the general landscape you will encounter or just be content with the wildlife around, either way a trip to the Amazon Rainforest is a must for all lovers of new things.

Kichwas’s Houses

Making a full itinerary for an Amazon Tour lives you with many options, the Napo Cultural Center and the NWC are primarily the Ecologic Hotels with so much history on them and around, that taking just a couple of days won’t come close to exploring it all.

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