Learn from Kichwas how to work the land while enjoying the Amazon

Kichwas work

Learn from Kichwas how to work the land while enjoying the Amazon

When you take on an Amazon Tour and come to Ecuador you can be sure you will find every kind of new and exciting traditions, stories, local food, and more to be amazed by. Especially with the Ecolodges which are managed by the indigenous folk.

Take the Kichwa for example, mainly they work the land, this is their leading source. They said the annual planning comes according to the moon phases along with specific days for the harvest which gives better results on the final product. The process of how is done, has been passed on from generation to generation all their lives. And here you can learn the basics:

The Chacra

The land in which the Kichwa plant and harvest, is called “Chacra”. The Chacra is a small parcel located near the house, here you can find the goods used either to their own use or for the Ecolodge, as well as the medicinal plants.

The Añangu Community has its own chacra on their homes, and these goods are for their personal use or to exchange with others, on occasions if the harvest is large they sell it to the hotels, the NWC y Napo Cultural Center. Close to the chacra they have animals, mostly chickens since other type domestic pets would have an environmental impact, which is why it’s forbidden to have cattle and horses.

Communal Chacra

The Kichwas had created a communal farm project inspired by a model that has already been experienced by the Shuar (an Ecuadorian and Peruvian indigenous people). The project is quite simple, families ask what kind of plants they need so it can be seeded and harvested later on. This Communal ground is mainly for families but if comes to happens that there’s a surplus of it, than this one will be sell to the Ecolodges.Communal ChacraAn Amazon Tour will bring you closer to the land. Meet the local people share their lifestyle, the experience of learning new ways of survival will be a unique one, the Yasuní National Park has many wonders to be discovered yet, the expanse of land has a rich wildlife waiting to be seen.

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