Learn how the electricity runs in the Napo Cultural Center

Learn how the electricity runs in the Napo Cultural Center

At the Napo Cultural Center the power runs on solar panels, no other source has a hand in this matter. Those who take on an Amazon Rainforest Tour will find the incredible amount of natural resources used on this part of the planet.

The Añangu Community has found its own way of harnessing daylight, storing it so it can be distributed later on into the different activities around the establishment and compound.

To help you understand more about the way solar energy is distributed and used by Kichwas, we give you some insight on the solar panels.

The Solar Panels

The solar panel or solar module, comprehends photovoltaic panels which are the master minds and allow the solar energy to be transformed into a useful resource for the community.

This system reduces the use of electrical generators operating at base derived fuel oil (diesel). Which is essentially the general idea around this kind of projects; there will always be a way of using natural resources in a productive and non-intrusive manner that will help the community and environment.

Use of the solar energy

The stored solar power is contained in batteries to be used on different activities around the Añangu Community. Everything runs on it, whether be school, the Napo Cultural Center, health and tourism. This is why electricity won’t be problem for those who stay at the Ecolodge.

Being one with nature, takes on a new level when you found yourself surrounded by it. The Kichwas had taken very seriously the use of natural resources, is their way of live. The Yasuní Natural Park can’t wish for a more productive community.

Taking an Amazon Rainforest Tour, allows you to experience first-hand the inner culture of the indigenous people still in the Amazon, those who are determined to protect their space as it owes to be on any community around the world. Tourists traveling to the Amazon Rainforest often find it charismatic and wondrous, no matter where you look while deep in the forest, you will be able to see and scent the wildlife around the Ecolodge.

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