Learn the native stories of the Kichwa Añangu on the Amazon


Once you get to the amazon rainforest, you can learn from the Kichwas the amazing stories that shapes them, there’s the one about the Puma Mama, the Guatusa, the Devils, among other that those aficionados to old tells will like. This is one of the great characteristics of an Amazon Travel you get to learn about old stories to take back to your family.

Some of the stories that you will be able to hear at the Interpretation Centre on the Yasuní, are:

How the Kichwa language was born

This tell take us ages back, some of it goes like: “…The Sun and the Moon heard their plea and promised to help them because they, like everyone, had also been infected with the nostalgia of time and thought it was not fair that sadness began to destroy them. For that reason they were united in this purpose. Hearing this, everyone recovered their vitality, the energy to sing, dancing to the Sun and the Moon, which at sunset reddened wrapped around each other and disappeared. They spent nine moons accompanied by songs and dances.

Suddenly, when all rested from exhaustion, the crying of two children, a female and a male was heard. Hearing the cry, all awoke, they came to the children to watch them and lull them…”

The Puma Mama

This other story of the Kichwa talks about a young woman who got pregnant from a spirit, and was thrown away from her home. “…the elder woman welcomed the girl, fed her, gave her the chicha and warned that she had three children who eat people and they were dangerous, so she had to hide up among the corn. When the children arrive they ask: what is hidden?, they said there is a funny smell, the mother said it was nothing, do not worry, but they were not convinced, sought out and find the girl, who was hidden between the corn. Siku Puma tried to catch it, but could not. Then it was the turn of Venado Puma, also failed to reach it. Pakai Puma was the strongest and succeeded. They caught and ate the young girl…”

Don’t think the story ends there, while you plan your Amazon Travel you can add the Amazonian Rainforest to it, so you can go the Napo Cultural Center and found out more about their local stories.

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