Napo Cultural Center: a community hotel in the Amazon


Napo Cultural Center: a community hotel in the Amazon

The Napo Cultural Center is located on the south bank of the Napo River, the largest Ecuadorian Amazon tributary. It is a place where you can experience the jungle in a very different way, interacting with the Kichwa Añangu community and going on exciting tours on the jungle, rivers and streams.Napo Cultural Center

Do you want us to give you some other reasons why to visit us? Here in this article you will read about some facts that make this community hotel in the Amazon a great place to be in!

  • Facilities and services of the hotel are first class. It has three cabins divided into four sections for a total of 16 rooms and a capacity of 60 people. There rooms are spacious and very comfortable, with a private balcony, a bathroom, electricity, safe water and mosquito nests.
  • The Napo Cultural Center is located within the Yasuni National Park therefore the views are incredible, showing the beauty of the Amazonian nature. From the private balcony of your room you can see flock of birds flying on the sky and be a spectator of the concert of wild sounds.
  • The lodge is one of the best community-tourism projects in Ecuador. It is a place that promotes the intercultural meeting between tourists and the local community keeping the same standards as an international hotel.
  • Food in the lodge is delicious, with local and traditional cuisine prepared with fruits of the Amazon jungle by the members of the community. Many ingredients grow in the family farms or communal farms and are all organic food.
  • This community hotel in the Amazon is run by the women of the community who are in charge of the maintenance of the hotel, kitchen and even tours and guiding.In this space they share with visitors the wisdom they have gained from the jungle.
  • Cultural activities on the lodge include navigation on the Napo River on the Ancestral Kichwa Catamarán and visits to the interpretative Centre.

Read this article if you want to read more about these cultural activities.

  • Birding tours activities include visits to the parrot clay clicks and the canopy observation tower, forest excursions and canoe rinding.

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The Napo Cultural Center is the best option for a once in a lifetime trip to the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. Book your place now and have the greatest experience at this community hotel in the Amazon.

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