Napo Cultural Center: the best Amazon lodge

Napo Cultural Center

What do you think about travelling to the jungle and staying in a luxury hotel within the Kichwa Añangu local community? You can have all that at the Napo Cultural Center, a community-based tourism project located in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador.

Read this article and learn more about this Amazon lodge.

Making the difference

The Napo Cultural Center has 12 spacious cabins and social areas such as a library, a restaurant and a living room. With a combination of the typical local architecture and modern style, the lodge accommodations are very comfortable.

What differences the Napo Cultural Center from other amazon lodges is the fact that visitors can join the every-day life of the native indigenous community and learn about their routines, customs and history.

Next to the lodge there is the community health center, the children school and the interpretative center, a place where you can learn about the community ancestral traditions.

Making the difference

Amazon rich culture

At the Napo Cultural Center you will interact constantly with the kichwa añangu community, women, men and children. There are some cultural activities in which you will be taught about their customs and rich history.

One of the most exciting activities at the lodge is navegating on the Napo River on the Ancestral catamarán kichwa. This is a night excursion which aims to recreate the community ancient commercial activities.Amazon rich culture

Extreme adventure

Our Amazon Wildlife Tours include: walking and hiking on the forest, canoe riding, visits to the observation tower and parrot clay licks, etc. All excursions are organized by small groups that are guided by a native of the community and a bilingual guide that will show you the secrets of the jungle, stories, fables and interesting facts about this magical place.

Some animals you may find in the jungle are: a great variety of monkeys, colorful birds as macaws and parrots, rare insects and butterflies, dangerous anacondas and caimans, etc. You never know what you can find in the Amazonia!                 
Extreme adventureWhat do you think? Book your place at this Amazon lodge and have the best and most incredible adventure in the Ecuadorian jungle sacred land.

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