Native artcraft found on the amazon rainforest

Native artcraft found on the amazon rainforest

Most may take an Amazon Rainforest Tour to see the landscape, some to study the wildlife, some for the sake of a good vacation, and others to see it all and learned all, including the local handicraft. The Amazonian forest has many wonders yet to be discovered.

If you’re traveling with your family or friends, you can visit the interpretation Centre and learn their ways, the Napo Cultural Center offers to tourist all the accommodations along with local art crafts everywhere you look.

The Canasta

This handicraft is weaved by men with lianas and used by women. It’s big enough to carry different sized goods like yucca, platano, and firewood, since this is main use it has to be tough. For men and women alike, they have the Shigra, which is made out of fibre. Mostly is used to keep animal obtained in fishing and hunting.

The Callana

Any kind of artcraft founded here is made by the natives, you can learn from them or take one of the finished works home to show off to your friends back home. The callana is one of them it’s a sort of plate, painted with green leaves to avoid clay to spread out.

The Mocahuas

The association of craftswomen from the community make their products based on local seeds and fibres collected in the forest; which is where they find the necessary components to make the mocahuas. To do so, they need very white sand that is later mixed with red and black sand. This particular hued sand is found in a ravine nearby.

The mocahuas are painted with natural paints. They’re placed on firewood after being shaped and then with some beeswax rubbed on them until they’re all shiny, ready to be used.

This original artcrafts can be seen at the Interpretation Centre as well as in the Napo Cultural Center. Without a doubt the Amazon Rainforest Tours are something to look forward, they can astonish even the most sceptics, the Yasuní Natural Park alone should be reason enough to inflame the spark of curiosity hiding away inside all of us.

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