Natural inspiration: Kichwa culture

Kichwa culture

The inspiration, the leaps of the soul and emotions that propose acts of creation, is today a scarce and much requested state. For those of us who live in large cities, it is easy for us to fall into everyday fatigue, the stress of cement and unnecessary commitments, leaving us the perfect scenarios to lose all creative impetus.

Always have the same, fall into the routine or find hours in front of the object we want to make, especially for those who have jobs that require some creativity. Unlike our brothers from the Kichwa Anangu culture who live in the middle of the pure Ecuadorian jungle, the stress of the cities, the physical and mental fatigue, drives us apart from a propitious scenario for the creation. How inspired are you feeling today?

The concept of inspiration has two uses for our modern conception. These come from relatively different areas, however they point to the same. On the one hand, biologically, the word is composed of two parts, “in” to enter and “spirare” a verb that takes the meaning of respiration, a definition that refers to the entrance of oxygen into the body, which allows life, mobility , the creation.

On the other hand, referring to the states, inspiration usually refers to the blow of stimulus or sudden lucidity that a person experiences and that favors creativity. Likewise, from the ancient greeks, where most of our language comes from, the concept of inspiration has been given a religious nuance, understanding the act as the entrance of the divine to the human being, endowing it with ideas or energy to do an activity. In our mother jungle in Latin America, even today, the thing is not very different.

Nature, by itself, is a great stage to find inspiration, since it softly brings us to a state of serenity, of peace of mind, of well-being, even of pleasure, which generates the perfect environment to the flow of ideas and to trigger creativity. Surely we all have lived instances where our body screams for a breath, take a breath or the most daring, take some barefoot steps on the wet grass. Many signs talk to us today about what is the natural state of the human, our optimal state, where our skills are better developed and where it is easy to act in constant inspiration.

Thanks to the inspiration of nature in one of the most pristine and free temples in the world, it is that through thousands of years, in the middle of the Ecuadorian jungle the human being has developed to form and maintain, to this day , the Kichwa Añangu culture. This culture accumulates during the time different innovations, different innovations in their ways of living, feeding, dressing, understanding spirituality, relating to the jungle, healing and many other varied and complex activities and knowledge, developed by their generations of Añangu grandparents to their most current populations. Would you like to know a way of living completely inspired by the jungle?

Napo jungle

Imagine a community that has learned to live alone with what nature and the ingenuity of all its generations has given them. Imagine the ways of how they still build their houses, without screws or nails, with rope ties or adjustments, using only what they can find or produce. Or you can imagine about their ways of collecting or growing and harvesting their own food, which have been adapting quietly to the modern advances that have come, such as the use of solar panels.

They recognize that the source of their inspiration and protection is nature. The Kichwa Añangu community has different meanings for what we see as inspiration, having mainly the divine sense in those acts of revelation or enthusiasm. They see the jungle as a gift from God and that same nature is God.

A clear example you can see him knowing his systems of beliefs and wisdom, such as the Yachga. These Yachga characters chosen from their childhood by the forces of nature, selected to be a guardians and healers of their village. They understand nature as the giver of that inspiration, that through the spontaneous selection of ceremonies and plants, as the case may be, they are responsible for maintaining the health and strength of their cohabitants.

Even an inspiring blow much closer to your own projects, may be knowing more about the same project Napo Cultural Center, which has been conceived by the same people Kichwa Añangu. Come and learn how they have developed their model of community strengthening through tourism or their eco-sustainable interventions in their way of life. There are many more things happening than you can imagine.

For all this, the invitation is open to take a break and allow out all that inspiration that is there. If you plan to travel around South America, do not hesitate to visit our comfortable shelters, where you can learn and be inspired by the way of living, cooking, relating to the culture and the surrounding nature.

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