Practical information about Napo Cultural Center

Practical information

The Napo Cultural Center combines all you need to have for a perfect travel to the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador: great and comfortable commodities, expert guides, interesting cultural activities, forest excursions and tours and much more.

Here in this article we will detail you some information about the Napo Cultural Center.

General information

Practical information

The project consists in 16 independent cabins, in the form of small eco friendly houses with very nice areas (allows up to 3 guests) with location scattered around the Anangu Kichwa village, with a privileged view over the forest; all the building materials invoke nature – wood and vertical gardens. It also features restaurant, bar and souvenir shop. Environmentally friendly, promotes physical and spiritual experiences, moments of leisure, individually and within groups, both inside and outside the village; a concept that emphasizes the qualities of life and nature, ecology, water, land, leisure, health and well-being.

Perfect for couples, families and groups of friends, for a holiday or short break, Napo Cultural Center offers the single opportunity to enjoy a contact with nature, but near the main cultural attractions of Anangu Kichwa Community.

Commodities & facilities


With 16 ample and comfortable cabins, the lodge accommodates a total of 48 people, distributed in suites, doubles and triple rooms. Our fully equipped cabins feature electricity, ventilation water and a private bathroom, with a balcony and hammock surrounded by beautifully groomed natural gardens. The restaurant, serving local, and international food, has a maximum capacity of 60 people.

Electricity & Water

Information 2

Something you need to know about the lodge is that we really care about the environment. At the Napo Cultural Center, electricity is provided by a modern system of solar panels, batteries and diesel engines.

As for water, the place has a wastewater treatment system so water is clean and safe for use. Also, in the restaurant are you will find plastic containers with drinking water. We recommend you to take a plastic bottle to refill it every time you need. The idea is to use as less plastic as you can.

Activities and attractions

At the Napo Cultural Center every day is completely different. There are many attractions and activities to do such as:

  • Forest excursions and canoe riding, in which you will have great opportunity to see from anacondas to caimans, monkeys, birds, mammals, insects, etc.
  • Birding tours by visiting parrot clay licks and the Canopy Observation Tower where you can see hundreds of birds flying over the trees and rare and unique plants and flowers.
  • Visits to the Interpretative Centre and navigating down the Napo River on board the Ancestral Kichwa CatamarĂ¡n.

If you want to get more information you can contact us and we will be very pleased to help you planning your trip to the Amazon!

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