A sustainable community

This 500 year old community in the Amazon rainforest realized that ecotourism is an excellent modern alternative for local development and improving quality of life, while still preserving traditional activities and, most importantly, for conserving nature.

Wildlife Conservation

The community lives in an area of over 200 square kilometres within the Yasuni National Park. In this region of highly diverse flora and fauna, the community decided to give up its legitimate right to hunt and fish. Thanks to this, nature has been allowed to continue to thrive here, in contrast to its depletion in other parts of the Amazon basin.

Solar panels

The implementation of solar panels allows the capture of solar energy. It is stored by means of a battery system, then distributed to the different activities carried out within the community, whether in the tourism operation, or for community education and health. This system ensures a reduction in the use of electric generators that are petroleum based.

Water treatment plant

Water is treated in a process which passes though different steps and pools in order to cleanse it thoroughly. We give it back to nature clean so that we achieve the least impact possible.


This project allows us to take advantage of the organic waste coming from the kitchen of Napo Wildlife Center and community dining room to obtain biogas. This will be used to supply the kitchens of the community lodge, which contributes to the care of the environment and the efficient use of resources while allowing savings in the purchase of fuel necessary for cooking.

Waste Separation Facility

Hundreds of kilograms of plastic, paper, and glass are separated and classified in this place in order to send them to a plant in the nearest city that recycles the material.


Around 120 kids from our community and nearby neighbouring communities get benefited from tourism, with free education from elementary through to high school.

Health Center

A small health center is always available with a doctor to treat general illnesses, and some medicines are available free of charge for the members of the community as well.


Choose from some of the most popular vacation packages

Yaku Kausay


3 Days 2 Nights

The water, and the rich array of life that it supports, holds secrets to be discovered by adventurous spirits.

Sumak Kausay


4 Days 3 Nights

Feel inspired by Mother Nature. Come share in our knowledge of the fascinating beauty of Amazonia.

Sumak Huasi


5 Days 4 Nights

Live in harmony with our natural environment. Come make authentic connections with both nature and culture.