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You have already answered the call, the vines of the jungle have reached your thoughts and you know that the experience you were looking for for your family is in the midst of the great natural wonder of South America. If what you need is an unforgettable and highly enriching experience for your family, then you have to know the Napo Cultural Center project, right in the center of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest.Napo Cultural Center was born as a project from the Kichwa Anangu community, who inhabit the area of the Yasuní National Park in the Ecuadorian jungle more than 500 years ago. They have seen an opportunity in tourism to be able to share their culture to foreigners in a friendly way, increasing the degree of awareness that exists about their environment and the need to protect it.

The Napo Cultural Center project has first class facilities that allow to be at the center between the natural, the ancestral and the modern comforts, so that in this way the experience is accessible and meaningful for a wide and varied number of people. Can you imagine yourself together with your family living in the middle of an ancestral tribe of the jungle?


We invite you to take a short tour of this heavenly place awaiting your call:

About our top-notch accommodations

Practical information

The project has 16 independent cabins, in the form of small eco homes with very beautiful surrounding areas and a privileged view of the forest. Built in the middle of nature and inspired by it, between wooden materials and vertical gardens, you can wake up every morning with the sound of birds and the smell of the jungle in your bedroom. We have the perfect alternatives for you and your family, with double or triple suites.

The cabins are located right in the middle of the Kichwa Añangu community, visitors are guests and guests of honor, allowing them to live daily with the members of the community and be members of this interesting culture in the middle of the jungle.

Native food for all tastes

The color and definition in his eyesight have been depleted as his sensitivity has developed. The retina of their eyes detects even the weakest ray of light, which helps them see the branches and calculate distances in the dark. During the day, however, their big eyes also have the ability to see without any problem, even with all that light. But for the day, they prefer to rest, hidden from their predators.

Due to the few records that are held about this species, it is considered to be one of the least known primates in Ecuador. The density of the population that exists in the area is unknown. They are defined, therefore, as a rare species and that is still under constant study. Another of the animals that can be found hanging from the trees at nightfall, are the “lazy” sloth tridactyls. Despite their world-famous reputation as “lazy”, these animals remain more awake than asleep hours. Its sleep hours, however, are distributed over several periods, unlike the human, who has only one period of extensive sleep – usually uninterrupted – per day.


While it is true that the life of the jungle is simpler and more rustic, you should not worry, since in our refuge we have all the necessary accommodations to give you a high comfort experience.

In the middle of the community is the restaurant, where you can get tasty food at various times different types of food and drinks in the area, as well as having the opportunity to interact with the chefs and know what and how they cook everything you eat. Good place to collect new recipes and then surprise your friends at home.

On the water, there is nothing to worry about, the place has a water treatment system that makes it clean and safe for use in bathrooms and showers. You will find containers with pure and fresh water to drink in the restaurant.

Activities for everyone

The great variety of life in the jungle is also reflected in the large number of activities that there are to do. If there is something that we can assure you, it is that nobody of your family will be bored in our stay, since we have activities for all preferences:

For the more adventurous, we have trips to the forest or canoe trips, where accompanied by a local guide, you can go into the jungle in search of anacondas, reptiles, mysterious trees and the unexpected. Do you dare?

For those who love feathers, we have “bird tours” available, where they can be accompanied by an expert bird guide to the viewpoints over the forest and see thousands of these majestic beings. Do not forget to prepare your camera.

For those who like to discover and know, they can enjoy the Catamaran activity and sail along with the natives on the Napo River, emulating their trade routes, listening to their legends and stories from their own lips.

For those who prefer tranquility, we have comfortable rooms with the best natural view next to a vast library where you can find fascinating books about the Kichwa Anangu culture, stories of the jungle and much more.

Shocking vacations

In addition, make that the investment in your vacations has a greater aim. It helps the Kichwa Añangu community to maintain its community and protect its habitat, since all the funds raised by tourism at the Napo Cultural Center are destined to the maintenance of the community and the environment.

With the funds raised to date, they have managed to build a center for education, for all ages and bilingual treatment for members of the community or the biodigestor system, which with its hermetic containers achieves a decomposition of organic waste in a very more efficient.

Among many other contributions, one of the most significant has been the implementation of solar panels to take advantage of the energy poured every day on their land and transform it to carry out their daily activities. In this way they can be sustained without having to resort to other means that are of greater impact for the area.

Do you still have doubts? Do not wait any longer, contact us, find out about our packages and special programs. If you have specific requirements to make your vacation memorable, we will be happy to help you strengthen it. 

See you in the jungle!

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