The wildlife around the Napo Cultural Center

wildlife around

The wildlife around the NAPO CULTURAL CENTER

An Amazon Rainforest Travel will capture your attention in the blink of an eye, once you discover the various life forms that the Yasuní Natural Park holds in its forests. The Ecolodge run by the Añangu Community will give you the opportunity to visit safely the surroundings, so you may indulge in an adventure you won’t forget.

While you visit the Amazon Rainforest do not neglect to ask about the wildlife that can be found there, such as:

The Giant Otter

The Pteronura brasiliensis, this otter prefers fresh water, which incidentally is what it finds on the Napo River. The otter doesn’t many predators, others than humans itself and Caiman. This is just one of the several mammal species that can be found in the Yasuní Natural Park and it’s one of the most impressive to watch.

The Giant Otter

The Saladeros y Lamederos

These are clay deposits where some birds and mammals concur to eat mineralized clay soil. These lamederos have different perpendicular banks sizes near the Napo and Tiputini rivers as well as in the forest. There are several assumptions regarding the intake of this clay by some wildlife species. Some believe that the clay is used as a detox; others state that the soil contains minerals needed in the animal’s diet.

Whatever the reason, thousands of birds come to the Saladeros is an event that tourists always include when they visit the Napo Cultural Center.

The Añangu Community has the most accessible Ecuadorian saladero. This is why the community has built an adequate infrastructure dedicated to the observation of these unique and natural events.

For the researchers and fauna enthusiasts, you will find more than a 170 species of mammals (80 species of bats), 567 species of birds, 105 species of amphibians, 83 species of reptiles, 382 species of fish and more than 100,000 species of insects.


Search our site and find what suits you best for your Amazon Rainforest Travel, if you have any questions you call or email us. The Napo Cultural Center has a couple of packages that might interest you, whether you’re traveling alone or with family.

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