The Wuayusada: learn about this morning ritual of the Kichwas


The Wuayusada: learn about this morning ritual of the Kichwas

The Kichwa Community has many activities going backwards until their very beginnings. While preparing for an Amazon Rainforest Travel you might want to take into consideration the new and exciting elements of a community, who still leave following their ancestors philosophy.

The spirituality of the local people is one of the main aspects of interest for many researchers from around the world. The morning ritual of the Añangu are not affected by tourists, just the same they woke and prepare for the day no matter what.

The Wuayusa is a plant is part of a ritual of the community. It is taken on every home, is used the same way that coffee in the cities, since it helps eliminate laziness and gives energy to the job.

The Wuayusada

The spirituality within the community runs deep into their veins. The wuayusa is an energy drink; it’s supposed to be taken early morning, so it will last all day. Their morning routine goes like this:

  • Every home wakes up at 4 in the morning every day.
  • They drink the Wuayusa tea.
  • Then they share dreams. And schedule their work with the young ones. Although, recently only the elders or “rucus” are the ones to perform this ritual daily.
  1. Effects of the Wuayusa

One of the main characteristics of this tea is that if the person drank enough of it, snakes won’t come close to them. Dreams play an important role in the Amazonian Kichwa Culture. Every morning couples talk about their dreams to act accordingly to what they announce with regard to daily and future activities.

There are a number of taboos relating to dreams, for example if you dream of the boa, there won’t be good hunting and hence should not be going into the river or risk finding one; you cannot chase the dream animal, as it can bring misfortune; and if you dream of a hook, is a snake bite. 

Drank enough

The Napo Cultural Center grants you the opportunity of meeting the indigenous people of the area, while on an Amazon Rainforest Travel this is one stop you can’t miss. Here on our site, you will find other pieces of the daily life of the Kichwas.

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