Travel to the Amazon Rainforest and meet their natives


Travel to the Amazon Rainforest and meet their natives

Amazon Rainforest Travels are the highest in demand, since it has become such an important part of our lives to protect the land, today, it is not that complicated to go into some of the deepest part of the forests and discover what hides under the foliage, including the natives.

Once you are registered on an Ecolodge which were built to preserve the land and are administrated by the locals, you can rest assured you will be able to get to know their culture, history and many fascinating attributes of the land around the Napo Cultural Center. Men and women these days take on the responsibilities and decisions necessary to maintain the community, assemblies take place and so the Kichwa meet and discuss the pressing matters, whereas before only men were able to attend these.

The Mingas Organization

Mingas Work

This social organization is where people from the community spend their time, accomplishing a common goal for the good of all. When they first forged this arrangement helped them to achieve their main purposes and plans for the community.

Nowadays, since tourism became a great part of their lives, they don’t the time any longer. However, in most cases people are hired to do work that requires the community. Some within the community retail how before time was a precious thing, they used to play any kind of sport and also share among themselves on community activities. Some of these activities had been proposed to be resumed.

The Kichwa Añangu Community

While on an Amazon Rainforest Travel you can have the opportunity to meet the Kichwa Añangu, who are the one managing the Napo Cultural Center. The Kichwas discovered the advantages of responsible ecotourism as a good alternative for local development. It has allowed them to improve their quality of life, protect nature, all while preserving their traditions.

Having developed the touristic activities creates jobs, which help those of lesser class including them into the working system, allowing them to maintain their homes. Also, the amount of possible jobs prevents the locals from having to travel to the city looking for work.

The Kichwa Community has taken the responsibility of caretakers of the land, through the ecolodges: Napo and Yasuní, with all the excess of money from them getting reinvested in productive, social, cultural, organizational and conservation projects. This is what makes life on the National Park such an attractive tourist point, since you will be able to learn their ways directly from the natives.

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