Yasuni National Park, a paradise for nature lovers


Yasuni National Park, a paradise for nature lovers

The Yasuni National Park is a paradise. Located in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, is one of the most diverse places in the world. It covers more than one million hectares of pristine rainforest and it is home of a wide variety of animals and plants.

Extraordinary and Unique Biodiversity

The Yasuni National Park is famous for its extraordinary and unique biodiversity. For example, the forest has the largest number of tree species per hectare in the World. In only an hectare of the Yasuní you can find more tree species than in all of Noth America.

The park contains 44% of the birds of the entire Amazon basin, a fact that makes it one of the richest areas of land birds and a real paradise for professional ornithologist. The statistics are very similar for other species such as bats, amphibians, reptiles, bees and insects.


Biosphere Reverse

In 1989 the Yasuní National Park was declared by UNESCO a Bio-Reserve and a Cultural Heritage due to its exceptional diversity and the presence of a number of local communities.

The Ecuadorian government declared 700,000 hectares of the park as untouchable area. This implies that the area must be protected and preserved from mining, oil extraction, logging, colonization or any other activity that could alter the biodiversity and the ethno culture of this sacred land.


 Cultural diversity

Within Yasuní you find an extraordinary cultural diversity such as the Waorani, the Shuar and the Kichwa.

The Kichwa Añagu community has been nationally and internationally awarded for its work on behalf of the preservation of the ecosystem and the environment.

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Help Us Preserving the Area

  • Do not walk alone on the park; limit yourself to visiting the designated sites and following your guides’ instructions.
  • Help us keeping clean the area.
  • Do not enter any arms. Respect all the wildlife that inhabits the area as well as trees, rocks, cabanas, etc.
  • Prevent fires and going hunting or fishing.

If you want to visit this sacred land located in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, you just have to book your place at one of the best eco-lodges located the jungle, the Napo Cultural Center.

It will be an experience of a lifetime! Have an incredible time sharing the customs and traditions of the community and at the same time enjoying the nature and great wildlife this idyllic place hides inside.

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